At Advanced Chiropractic Equipment LLC and Advanced Chiropractic Seminar LLC, we focus on the biomechanics of the whole body, and how gravity pushing down on your skull affects your joints. Each joint is surrounded by a synovial capsule, which is supposed to keep your joints in its proper biomechanical configuration. However, when your joints are misaligned anywhere, then the joints can’t function properly. This is why we focus on adjusting the whole body here, not just the spine. Our goal as chiropractors is to treat subluxations of the joints which cause dysfunctional communication within the body. The philosophy of the advanced Johnson chiropractic technique is built on the chiropractor knowing the anatomical integrity of each ligament and joint so that when we deliver the high velocity, low amplitude adjustments to their full range of motion so that the gas around those ligaments explode(that’s the cracks you hear) and causes the body to fire off mechanoreceptors to the nerves of that particular ligament.

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